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Our collection is inspired by the traditional folk art of ancient tribal cultures, architectural elements, and geometric designs. 
The designer investigates the relations between old and new patterns, ancient Naïve artistry, and its relations to modern design. The collection comes to explore and uncover the hidden treasures of the past and to transform them into an indispensable luxurious accessory for modern women.


As quality is our motto, we are proud to produce our silk accessories in Como, Italy. One of the oldest and most famous locations for traditional silk manufacturing. ANATH’s unique designs are carefully matched with the finest 100% silk fabrics to reach optimal printing results. For a seamless finish, all of our silk scarves are hand-rolled.

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Great passion for geometric designs, tribal arts, unrevealed exotic patterns, and colorful designs, has led designer ANATH on a mission to create unique high end fashion accessories. ANATH’s artistic goals are to explore and dust off those ancient fallen kingdoms and interpret them back to modern life. For centuries silk has been the cloth of the highest ranks and therefore acknowledged as the most precious and luxurious fabric.

ANATH LOGO sticker instagram