Privacy Policy


In the following we will inform you on the collection of personal data of the persons using our website. By personal data any data are understood which can be traced back to your person, e. g., name, address, e-mail addresses, user conduct.

Section 1 - Name and contact data of the entity responsible


The entity responsible pursuant to art. 4 para. 7 DS-GVO (EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)) is


ANATH – Anat Edri & Vinzenz Neri GbR

Sternstr. 57

D-53111 Bonn

Partners authorized to represent: Anat Edri and Vincenz Neri

Telephone No.: +49 17632803623


Value-Added Tax Identification acc. to sec. 139c AO (German Tax Code): DE 323104226


Section 2 - Collection and Storage of personal data

(1) Usage of website only for information purposes


If you use our website only for information purposes, i.e., if you do not  log on to use the website, to register, or to transmit information to us, we do not collect personal data with the exception of those your browser transmits to enable you to access our website. These data are:


  • IP address

  • date and time of visit

  • time zone difference from Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

  • contents of the request (specific page)

  • access status / http status code

  • respective data volume transmitted

  • website sending the request

  • browser

  • operating system and its surface

  • language and version of browser software


The data specified above will be processed for the purpose of providing a properly working connection to the website and its usage and of ensuring the evaluation of system safety and stability.


The legal basis for these processing activities will be sec. 6 para. 1 s. 1(f) GDPR. For our legitimate interest, see the purposes of data collection listed above.


The above-mentioned data will be erased as soon as they are no longer needed to reach the above purposes.


(2) Cookies


In addition to the collection of the aforementioned data while you use our website, we will store cookies on your computer. Cookies are small text files which are stored on your hard drive that is assigned to the browser you use and through which specific information flows to the site setting the cookie (in this case: to us). Cookies can neither execute programs nor transmit viruses to your computer. They solely serve to render the entire Internet offerings easier to use and more effective.

Use of cookies:

(a) This website uses the following types of cookies, the scope and functions of which are explained in the following:


− Transient Cookies 

(b) Transient cookies are automatically erased when you close your browser. They especially cover session cookies storing a so-called session ID, which can be used to assign various requests from your browser to the joint session. This allows your computer to be recognized when you return to our website. Session cookies are erased when you log out or close your browser.


(c) You can configure your browser settings according to your wishes and also refuse acceptance of third-party cookies or of all cookies. Please be advised that you may not be able to use all the functions of this website.

The use of cookies allows us to design our website and its contents so that they are easy to use. Another purpose we pursue is to statistically analyze the use of our website.

The legal basis for the collection of personal data is art. 6 para. 1 s. 1  (f) GDPR. For our legitimate interest, see the purposes of data collection listed above.


Transient cookies will be automatically erased when you close the browser.


(3) Contact by e-mail or contact form


If you contact us by e-mail or using a contact form, we will store the data you provide (your e-mail address, your name and your telephone number) in order to process your request or respond to your questions.


The legal basis for the processing of your data is provided by art. 6 para. 1 s. 1 (a) GDPR. According to this, the processing of your personal data for the above purposes will take place on the basis of your explicit voluntary consent.


We will erase the data collected as soon as their storage is no longer necessary, or limit the processing if mandatory retention periods have to be complied with. In case of requests, your data are usually erased after we have replied to your request.


(4) Use of our online shop

(1) If you wish to place an order in our online shop (, for the conclusion of the contract it is necessary for you to furnish the personal data we need for processing your order. For the processing of contracts, specific data are needed which are specifically marked; the transmission of any further details is voluntary. We process the data provided by you to handle your order. For this purpose, we can pass on your payment data to our principal bank. 


The legal basis for this is art. 6 para. 1 s. 1  (f) GDPR.

(2) By virtue of the regulations of commercial and tax law, we are committed to storing your address as well as your payment and ordering data for a period of ten years. After two years, however, we will reduce the processing of your data which will then be employed only for compliance with legal obligations


(3) To prevent unauthorized access to your personal data by third parties, especially financial data, the ordering process will be encrypted using the TLS protocol.

(5) Newsletter


For your sign-up to our newsletter we use the so-called double-opt-in procedure. This means that we will send you a confirming e-mail to the e-mail address you will have indicated and ask you to confirm that you wish to receive the newsletter.

If you do not confirm this within 24 hours, your sign-up will be automatically erased. If you confirm your wish, we will store your e-mail address until you will sign off from the newsletter. The storage serves the sole purpose of being able to send you the newsletter. Besides this, for each log-in and confirmation, we will store your IP addresses and the date and hour with a view to preventing your personal data from being misused.


For the dispatch of the newsletter, only your e-mail address will have to be stated.


You may withdraw your consent to send the newsletter at any time. The withdrawal can be declared either by clicking on the link given in every newsletter e-mail, or by e-mail (to, or by sending a notice to the contacts in the site notice. The data you furnish will not be disclosed to third parties. 

The legal basis for the processing of your data is art. 6 para. 1 s.1 (a) GDPR. This means that your personal data will be processed in accordance with the above purposes on the basis of your explicit voluntary consent.


(6) Payment

(a) Direct debit


If direct debit is used, the above data relevant to the payment transaction will be transmitted to our principal bank.


(b) PayPal


If you use the online payment service PayPal to make the payment, the above data relevant to the payment transaction will be transmitted to PayPal:

PayPal (Europe) S.a.r.l. & Cie. S.C.A., 22-24 Boulevard Royal, 2449 Luxembourg.


The privacy policy of PayPal can be obtained through the following link: -full/

(c) Credit card


If payments are made using credit cards, the handling will take place through Wix Payments to whom we will transmit the above data relevant to the handling.


The privacy policy of Wix Payments can be accessed through


The legal basis for the processing of your personal data for the above modes of payment (5 (a) to (c)) is art. 6 para. 1 s.1 lit. (b) GDPR (processing for the performance of a contract) as well as art. 6 s.1 lit. (a) GDPR (voluntary consent).


Your personal data will immediately be erased by us unless we are required by law to ensure a longer period of storage (compliance with mandatory obligations of retention under tax and commercial law) or are entitled to do so in order to protect our legitimate interests.


Article 3 Recipients of your data


We will transmit your personal data to third parties only if:


  • you have explicitly consented to disclosure, cf. art. 6 para. 1 s. 1 (a) GDPR

  • disclosure is necessary to perform the contract or to take pre-contractual action, cf. art. 6 para. 1 s.1 lit. (b) GDPR

  • disclosure is necessary for the performance of a legal obligation to which we are subject, cf. art. 6 para. 1 s.1 lit. (c) GDPR

  • the transmission is necessary to protect our legitimate interests unless your interest in the protection of your personal data prevails, cf. art. 6 para. 1 s.1 lit. (f) GDPR

Disclosure of your personal data for purposes other those indicated above will not take place.


Article 4 Rights pursuant to GDPR

(1) As a basic principle, you will have the following rights:


  • right to access according to art. 15 GDPR

  • right to rectification or erasure according to art. 16, 17 GDPR

  • right to restriction of processing according to art. 18 GDPR

  • right to data portability according to art. 20 GDPR

  • right to object according to art. 20 GDPR


(2) You are also entitled to lodge complaints with a supervisory data protection authority in respect of the processing of your personal data by us, cf. art. 77 GDPR.

Article 5 - Revocation of the consent to process your data

If the processing of your personal data is based on a consent according to art. 6 para. 1 lit. (a) GDPR, you are entitled pursuant to art 7 para. 3 GDPR to revoke your consent at any time. The legitimacy of the processing carried out on the basis of your consent will not be affected hereby.

Article 6 - Right to object pursuant to art. 21 GDPR

(1) Inasmuch as we process your personal data after having weighed the interests in question according to art. 6 para. 1 s.1 lit. (f) GDPR, you may object to the processing. This might be the case in particular if the processing is not required for the fulfilment of a contract with you, which will in each case be depicted by us in the subsequent description of the functions. When exercising such an objection, you are requested to give the reasons as to why we should not process your personal data as was done by us. In case the reasons for your objection are stated, we will verify the situation and either stop or adapt the processing or inform you of our compelling legitimate reasons for which we will continue the processing.

(2) It goes without saying that you can object at any time to the processing of your personal data for advertising and data analysis purposes.

(3) If you wish to exercise your right to revoke or object, it will sufficient to send an e-mail to:

Article 7 - Facebook-pixel


This website uses the so-called “Facebook-Pixel” from Facebook inc (“Facebook”).

The Facebook pixel is operated by Facebook Inc., 1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA, or for users residing in the EU, by Facebook Ireland Ltd. 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Harbor, Dublin 2, Ireland.

Cookies are set when using the Facebook pixel.

Through the use of the "Facebook pixel", the user can be shown in the context of visiting the social network Facebook or other websites that also use this tool, interest-related advertisements ("Facebook ads"). 


We are using Facebook pixel in order to show you advertisements that are customized for you interests, in order to make our website experience more interesting for you (so-called Custom-Audience for websites).

In addition, the Facebook pixel enables us to evaluate the efficiency of the Facebook advertisements we place for marketing purposes.

If a user clicks on a Facebook advertisement, we can see that the user clicked the advertisement in question and was forwarded to our website (so-called Facebook-Conversion).

Further information about the function of the Facebook pixel can be found at:


The “Facebook-pixel” is only used if you have consented to the use of cookies that require approval. The approval is given via the consent cookies banner that appears when you enter the website. Your browser will then automatically establish a direct connection to the Facebook server. 


We have no influence on the scope and further use of the data collected by Facebook through the use of this tool and therefore inform you according to our state of knowledge: Through the integration of "Facebook pixels" Facebook receives the information that you have called up the corresponding website of our Internet presence or clicked on an advertisement from us. If you are registered with a Facebook service, Facebook can assign the visit to your account. Even if you are not registered with Facebook or have not logged in, it is possible that Facebook will find out and store your IP address and other identification features.

The deactivation of the function of the so-called "Facebook pixel" is possible for logged in users at

You also have the option of deactivating it by making the appropriate setting in your browser or within the cookie settings.

Another option is available on the website of the Network Advertising Initiative, at

Further information on data processing by Facebook is also available at

Facebook processes the data in accordance with its data use policy. You can find more information on this at

Facebook also processes your data in the USA and is subject to the EU-US Privacy Shield Agreement,

The legal basis for the processing of your data is, in accordance with Art. 6 Para. 1 Sentence 1 letter a DS-GVO, the consent you have given. You may revoke this consent at any time without affecting the lawfulness of the processing that has taken place on the basis of your consent until revocation. Consent is granted via our content banner, which appears when you enter our website.

Your data will be processed by us for the respective purpose as long as you have not objected to this or revoked your consent.

Article 8 - Validity and modification of this Privacy Policy

State of the Privacy Policy: as of November 8, 2019 

This Privacy Policy is the version currently valid.


Technical improvements to our website or modifications and changes in the legal situation may require this Privacy Policy to be amended or modified.