The inspiration behind the Kauri bandana design comes from traditional African jewelry. Glass beads, ornaments and pendants, seashells, and feathers were woven into beautiful belts, necklaces, and tribal accessories. These types of jewelry are common in African cultures and are said to ward off bad spirits and invite prosperity and well-being.

The Kauri delphine bandana design is printed on 100% silk crepe de chine, a beautiful lightweight silk fabric. The emerald green background highlights every detail in the rich design and emphasizes its timeless manner.
All our bandanas are finished with seamless hand-rolled edges, a signature of high-end and luxurious quality of the hand-made Italian accessories.

Kauri delphine

SKU: 212
VAT Included
  • Silk scarf made of crêpe de chine


    • dimensions: 55 x 55 cm
    • materials: 100% silk
    • hand rolled edging


    • dry clean only
    • made in Italy